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The European MINT Convention Stuttgart Germany is a unique international and pioneering conference with accompanying exhibition, therefore, focuses on international applicants with MINT qualifications. In the high-profile conference along with national and European network partners from business, academia, politics and society, answers and approaches to international labor market issues, including how "Mobility and flexibility of labor in Europe" and "recognition of international degrees" are offered.

At the Recruiting-Expo Europe´s TOP MINT Employers from different sectors are expected, including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, the chemical industry and IT to find new employees and specialists for positions in Germany and abroad. In addition, also education providers, stem-networks, universities and organizations will present.

Oettinger - Besuch

Begrüßung von EU Kommissar Günther H. Oettinger 

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Companies get the chance to attractively and individually present themselves not only as technology providers. Here they are directly addressed by the applicants and present as a competent employer brand. This requires only minimal additional expenditures in terms of personnel and costs. Visitors from graduates to high-professionals profit from job offers and detailed information concerning individual careers.

National and international companies, educational institutions, associations, networks and media cooperations

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