Technology marketing

RunKom supports technology markets and technology networks with transfers such as project development and project management for exhibitions, trade shows and congresses. Often high-technology its products and applications require explanation.

Being one of the leading businesses we are proud of our success. Long-term partnerships with numerous well-known customers testify this. Whatever we do, we do it accurately, whether we realize group pavilions, joint stands or advocate the enduring successful communications of a medium-sized business or start-ups.

Having an extensive network RunKom aims at the simplification of exhibitor participation within international trade shows by optimizing professional service packages.

Since 1991 RunKom has arranged more than 70 group exhibits for several sectors of technology such as Optical Technologies, Life Science and Plasma Surface Technology. These group exhibits with a size of 100-5,000 sqm include comprehensive services for up to 150 exhibitors implemented by a professional and highly motivated team.

Many years of experience and interdisciplinary creativity enable RunKom to provide individual and integrated solutions for the successful marketing of technical developments.

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