Nano in Germany

Title / Subject Area:
Group presentation of the German Nanotechnology under the heading “ Nanotechnology – Made in Germany” and the campaign “Research in Germany” within international exhibitions in Moscow, Russia and the USA (e. g. Boston, Los Angeles, Washington D.C.).

Since 2009

Aim / Target Group:
Marketing operations and general information for specialist visitors, acquisition of cooperation partners, top-ranking members and representatives from politics, economy and the media.

Leading national and international companies of the nano-scene, universities, project-developer, educational institutions, financial service provider, associations, consultants and organizers of community contributions, VDI Technology Center on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) with the campaign: Research in Germany.

Our sphere of responsibility:
Organiser, concept and realization

Further Information:
Fon +49 2434 9922-10


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